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master falconer dan frankianIt was in a Lebanese hunting lodge that Dan Frankian saw his first bird of prey. In his youth, his dad brought him there as part of their hunting expeditions. This is where he met a man with an owl on his shoulder. Mesmerized by this bird, he got fascinated with falconry. Dan spent time with a man in the hills of Cypress learning to fly eagles. He was later mentored by a middle eastern dignitary in flying falcons. Shortly thereafter, he started Hawkeye Bird And Animal Control. He used his background skills from Boy Scouts and the military as well as his experience as an avid hunter, trapper, outdoorsman, falconer and conservationist to excel at bird and animal control, and falconry.

30 years later Hawkeye is a unique ,niche company that receives accolades for involvement in movies, shows, their bird of prey rescues and innovative methods used to remove and control birds and animals. Dan is excited to  share his love of birds of prey and nature with the public by teaching Falconry experiences and classes.

Dan Frankian is certified and/or licensed in CWCP, AOTC, Pest Control, is a Master Falconer in the U.S. and Canada, and certified to shoot in sensitive environments.

Hawkeye has permanent offices in Canada and in Florida and is always looking to help you on a bird job

Master Falconer Tim O'NeillMaster Falconer and Attorney are two titles you normally do not hear together. In fact, in the State of Florida there is believed to be only one person who holds both titles: Timothy P. O’Neill, Esquire.
Falconry is the art of hunting with hawks or training hawks to hunt in cooperation with a person. Tim had his first encounter with a Master Falconer on a weekend trip to Shakespeare’s birthplace while studying abroad in England during his sophomore year. Outside the home, there was a Master Falconer with his hawk. The Master instructed Tim to hold up a piece of meat for the bird, which was 700 feet in the air. Tim was skeptical and thought there was no way the hawk could see the little piece of meat in his hand from so far away; however, as soon as he lifted his arm, the hawk swooped down and swiftly, but gently took the meat from his hand. That one adrenaline pumping moment was all it took to spike Tim’s interest in falconry. Ten years later, he began the long journey to becoming a Master Falconer.

Lesley Riedstra

Loved this outing, even in the sweltering heat we had a great visit with these beautiful birds.

Greg McNeil

We had a great experience, got to see all the birds of prey before getting to meet an owl and falcon up close. We got to see the owl be fed and fly the Falcons ourselves with some assistance which was the best part of the entire session. 10/10 recommend!

Khrystsina Dubavik

Amazing experience! Very friendly people. We fully enjoyed our time spent there. Absolutely worth going!