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Our Birds of Prey


Harris Hawk

romulus-harris hawk

Romulus is a 4 year old harris hawk who came to us from a Florida breeder. Rom is the strong, silent type... quite contrary to his clutch mate Remus who is also here, at Hawkeye.


Harris Hawk

remus-harris hawk

Brother to "Romulus", 4 year old Remus is quite the talker. Both hawks were trained to hunt birds for purposes of abatement. Remus is now used for the falconry experience.


Barn Owl

Cassandra - Barn Owl

Cass is a 4-months old female barn owl from a breeder in Pennsylvania. Both her, and her clutch mate Troy have begun their falconry training. Cass is the sweet one, known to chirp like a canary and preen the team member's hair on occasion.


Barn Owl

Troy - Barn Owl

Troy and his clutch mate Cassandra are 4 months old barn owls. Troy is a full of energy - a little fireball, always ready to go. He and  Cass are uniquely suited to education programs

Lesley Riedstra

Loved this outing, even in the sweltering heat we had a great visit with these beautiful birds.

Greg McNeil

We had a great experience, got to see all the birds of prey before getting to meet an owl and falcon up close. We got to see the owl be fed and fly the Falcons ourselves with some assistance which was the best part of the entire session. 10/10 recommend!

Khrystsina Dubavik

Amazing experience! Very friendly people. We fully enjoyed our time spent there. Absolutely worth going!